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With Club Elite you'll enjoy fabulous landscapes, have access to the most exclusive tourist villages located on the best beaches, and experience the most unforgettable holidays of your life! Get ready for incredible beaches, crystal clear seas and a relaxing holiday atmosphere all around you!

With CLUB ELITE you’ll have the opportunity to see the famous Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, 146 metres high and considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. You will navegate along the Nile and spend an incredible week among the mysterious and amazing Egyptian wonders!

If you are longing for the holiday of your dreams, why not try a cruise? You will get to see several tourist destinations and on the ship you’ll be able to enjoy a marvellous spa and fun entertainment, which includes a casino, discos and a broad variety of excellent restaurants on board with a wide selection of international gastronomy.

The Group


The group New Club Elite has been active in the tourist sharing industry for twenty years. In fact the company was born in the 90’s and immediately became an example to be imitated in the field of private tour operators. What is the secret? A 360 degree comprehension around the world of tourism and the direct contact to the client. This allows the Club Elite to please its customers without demands and to advise on the type of holiday that is ideal for every life style.

It really is this direct touch with our customers which gave the Club Elite the possibility to grow and satisfy thousands of clients and members who have registered over the years to become part of our group. We may say with certainty that we know how to please every family demand.       
Finally the New Club Elite has also reached Italy, as it first conquered Spain, France, the UK and is now also present on the US market.  
This is the new concept of a holiday which is perfectly "adapted to your needs" and is nowadays becoming a ‘must’ of this era... join in!

Find out which resort villages await you:

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