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Holiday Packages


In this section you can find our holiday packages!

Imagine: Professional experts in the tourism industry who advise you every year about your dream holiday in fabulous resort villages. They suggest the most appropriate solutions for you and your family and then they manage to organize your ideal holiday to the last detail!

All this is possible with New Club Elite!


Our holiday packages can last from a weekend to 3, 5, 7 or 10 years.

You will have the possibility to visit and travel all over Africa! From the pyramids in Egypt to the waterfalls in Madagascar! You will be able to try the skiing track on the top floor of the tallest skyscraper in Dubai, or do excursions into the beautiful savana!

You might also choose to spend your holiday breathing the magic of the Far East, by being captured by the fascinating millenary Chinese culture or discovering Japan with its extraordinary synthesis between tradition and technology.

If you prefer the American continent, you have the possibility to stay in one of our suites in New York; if you prefer, however, you can also stay at a lovely apartment next to the beach of Rio de Janeiro.

New Club Elite also recommends stays all over Italy! How about relaxing at the lovely Resort La Fenice in Sardinia, where fun and a relaxing atmosphere are guaranteed?

Find out which resort villages await you:

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